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    Bunny Boarding in Fleet, Farnborough & Aldershot

    And surrounding areas.


    Hello, my name is Rachel I am a Qualified Veterinary Nurse and I have a great passion for animals working with them for over 13 years. I currently work part time at a veterinary practice in Farnborough.

    I have been pet sitting alongside my veterinary career for over four years but I am now concentrating on my Bunny B&B.

    Based in Aldershot I offer a Rabbit and Guinea pig boarding service through my Bunny B&B. I am also able to board small animals such as hamsters. I offer a friendly, experienced and professional service and I am insured for your added piece of mind.

    I have been veterinary nursing since 2008 and qualified as a registered veterinary nurse in 2011. I am a registered Veterinary Nurse at a practice In Farnborough and I am also a clinical coach who helps train the student nurses.. Before nursing I spent a few years working for the RSPCA with a variety of animals.

    I met my husband Gary in 2012 and luckily for me he was also an animal lover. Gary takes an important role in helping me run the Bunny B&B and provides extra supervision when I may be working at the vets. Gary is also included under my public liability insurance.

    Myself and Gary have been DBS checked (formerly CRB) and certificates are available on request. We are always more than happy for anyone to view our facilities if required before committing to any bookings.


    £9 per hutch per day (rabbits and Guinea pigs)
    £5 per small animal cage per day (i.e. hamsters) 

    6 ft run to exercise in with access to grass. Spacious hutches with space to exercise in doors also. Lots of cuddles and attention. Free meet and greet to view facilities and no obligation to book.


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    What animals do you board?

    Any small animal as long as I can accommodate their needs. I mainly look after rabbits and Guinea pigs as I have a specially designed bunny B&B shed with cages to house them in. I can take a small amount of indoor animals such as hamsters, budgies, mice, gerbils, rats and small reptiles.

    Where would my animal stay?

    For Rabbits and guinea pigs I have a large purpose built shed in my garden with individual cages that are 7ft long. Rabbits and Guinea pigs will take turns in going outside in a 9ft run as well as supervised free range exercise on grass if appropriate. The shed has fans and an air-conditioning unit for use in the summer and a low energy greenhouse heater for colder nights during the winter.

    For smaller pets such as hamsters they will be kept in my spare room inside my house. Budgies or animals that require more human interaction may be kept in a busier part of my house such as my living room and then put away somewhere safe when unsupervised.

    What’s included?

    Bunny B&B includes hay, bedding, food and daily fresh vegetables. Please note I only provide a selection of the most popular nuggets and if your rabbit/Guinea pig eats something different from what I provide you may need to supply this for the duration of your pets stay.

    Smaller in door pets will need to come in their own cages and their food will need to be provided.

    Lots of TLC, cuddles and attention! Complimentary nail clipping.

    Will my pet get exercise?

    The rabbits and Guinea pigs in the bunny B&B shed have a lot of space to move about in their 7ft hutches. However for more exercise your pet can enjoy the use of an outdoor run or even free ranged exercise in the garden under my supervision.

    Hamsters and small in door animals get handled daily and will have time out of their cage to exercise were appropriate.

    What happens if my pet gets ill while staying with you?

    I am a qualified veterinary nurse and my main priority while caring for your pets is to keep them happy and healthy. I always discuss this with clients when they drop off their pets and always ask for permission to seek veterinary advice/treatment if required if I am unable to contact the owners beforehand. I am able to and happy to take any pet needing veterinary treatment to either my vets or a vet of your choice if required throughout their stay. Please note owners will be fully liable for any veterinary bills incurred during their pets stay.

    Can I view your facilities before booking?

    I offer a free no obligation meet and greet to first time clients if they wish to view my facilities and meet me before confirming a booking.

    Does my pet need to be vaccinated?

    Yes I do require all rabbits to be vaccinated against Myxomatosis and RHD/VHD. I will need to see vaccinations cards when you drop off your bunny. Please note ALL rabbits now need to be vaccinated against the new strain of VHD/RHD2, this requires a separate vaccine at least two weeks apart from the original combined vaccine. Please be sure that your rabbit is fully covered otherwise they will not be allowed access to the Bunny BnB. If you are unsure if your rabbit has all the required vaccines then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

    What will I need to take with me?

    Food (if required), any favourite toys you may want to bring, vaccination cards, emergency contact numbers and payment. I accept cash or bank transfer. I can supply my bank details when you drop off your pets.  

    What times do you open?

    I run bunny B&B from my home so I don’t have any set opening times so we can arrange a suitable drop off and pick up time between us. I do work 4 days a week at a veterinary practice so keep this in mind as I will have to work around these hours at times.

    Do you take house rabbits?

    Unfortunately I do not have enough space inside to be able to take house rabbits.



    If you have any questions regarding Rachel's Pet Sitting please get in contact via phone or email.


    See above directions for short stay guests.

    Please make sure you pre book via email or phone (left).

    9 Fontwell Close
    GU12 4XE